Organization Jumpstart

Get your teen organized for school

Your teen's teacher asks for the homework. She did it, but doesn't know where it is.

Your son has 2 tests, a project, and 1 game this week - he's overwhelmed and doesn't know where (or how) to start. He has a student planner, but it's completely empty. 

Your daughter 's backpack seems to function more like a trashcan than an actual backpack. 

Your son was organized when the school year started, but it has completely fallen apart.

Now, imagine a world where your teen has the homework, knows how to prepare for a CRAZY week, and can maintain that level of organization!

That world exists - IF your teen signs up for Organization Jumpstart! 

Your Instructor

I am a private tutor and former high school Social Studies and Study Skills teacher. Every year, I had a few students who wanted to do better, but didn't have the tools to do so well. Or they were so overwhelmed by the clutter, they couldn't get started.

Let me teach your teen how to get organized for school AND stay organized for the entire school year. Watch their confidence grow and grades increase!



Clean Sweep

How to clean out what your teen has and what he or she needs

Student Planner

We'll talk about why planners are SO important, how to pick one, and how to set that new planner up!


It's all about methods to get those notebooks working for your teen!


Get that trashcan clean and make it useful! (Seriously, why is there so much trash in there?)

Creating New Habits

It's one thing to get organized, but it's something else to STAY organized. Your teen will learn how to make organization second nature.

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